Digital Art

"I have discovered the world of Digital Art … and I love it! What is 'Digital Art' -- digital technology as an essential part of the creative and/or presentation process. I've been using a Wacom Cintiq graphic tablet with Sketchbook Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and Corel Painter. The portrait of Jimi Hendrix was one of my first projects. The image below shows the giclee print on canvas over a wood frame that was the result of the digital drawing on the Wacom."

"What I really enjoy about working with the digital tablet is the vast array of possibilities it allows for every commissioned project. Once the artwork has been completed digitally, the client has the option to print or use electronically … as many times as desired -- website art design, phone cases, t-shirts, giclee print on canvas, coffee mug, greeting cards, invitations. Limited only by ones imagination!"

Digital Art Gallery